1. Do I need a doctor’s referral to go to physiotherapy?

No, a physiotherapist is thoroughly trained to screen you to ensure that your problem is within their scope of practice. If she suspects other problems that may require medical attention, she will inform you if there is anything that can be helped with physiotherapy or not, and she will contact your medical practitioner.

A few insurance companies require a doctor’s referral but many do not. You can contact your doctor or NP or your physio may send them a request for a referral.

2. If I suffer a work-related injury, can I choose which clinic I go to?

Yes, as long as they are WCB or WSNB approved you can choose your clinic. However, there may be one or two exceptions.

  • Our clinic is ‘Tier 1’. There are 4 ‘tiers’ based on different stages of injuries and recoveries. Tier 1 is mainly (but not limited to) recent acute stage injuries.
  • WCB usually want you to attend the closest clinic, because they pay your travel unless you have a specific reason not to go to the nearest clinic.

3. Can my employer make me attend a certain clinic?

No, they do not have the right to choose your clinic for you. If in doubt, ask your caseworker.

4. Can I trust a physiotherapist when I don’t know what’s causing my pain and I haven’t had any X-Rays, CT scans or MRIS done yet?

Yes, a physiotherapist is thoroughly trained (currently a 7yr program) plus many post-graduate programs and examinations.

  • Your physiotherapist will be able to assess your problem and advise you if they are likely to be able to help you and if not direct you to medical practitioner. The physiotherapist will report to your doctor or NP and make any necessary quests or recommendations.
  • Physiotherapy is a regulated profession to ensure the standards met by the N.S. College of Physiotherapy.

5. Is the cost of physiotherapy in a private clinic covered by MSI?

Unfortunately not, most funding is from a health insurance plan, WCB, WSNB, MVA, Veteran’s Affairs and various other third party payers.

For further details give us a call and our office manager will be happy to help if possible.

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1. Do I need a doctor’s referral to go to physiotherapy?

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