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Winnock Physiotherapy aims to provide the highest standard of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation services in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. We provide personalized treatment and programs to clients of all ages, offer evening hours to suit the working public, and accept Workers Compensation cases.

An experienced physiotherapist offers a wide range of services to assist restoration of maximum function and quality of life, putting people back to work or play! The client can be assured of complete respect; personal involvement in their program and strict confidentiality. The clinic provides high technology equipment; a quiet assessment room and a physiotherapy treatment and gym area to take the injured person from the acute and stressful stage progressively to a state of maximum fitness and wellness.

Individuals can easily access private physiotherapy. Simply call or come visit us in the clinic. No doctors referral is necessary for treatment. Physiotherapy is commonly covered under your private health insurance so it is best to check with your insurance policy and see how much they will cover for treatment. **While it is increasingly rare, some insurance companies still require a physician’s referral before they will reimburse physiotherapy treatment expenses.** Make sure you fully understand the terms of your insurance before starting treatment.

Ice/Traction Cleats



Ice or Traction Cleats are an excellent tool to help promote being active outdoors when walkways are snow or ice filled.

Benefits of Walking


Walking is one of the most accessible and simplest forms of exercise. Whether you take a stroll around the neighborhood, walk to work, use indoor walking tracks or hike in nature there are countless ways to make it apart of our daily lives.

It is a low-impact form of physical activity that has many benefits for both physical and mental health.

Some potential benefits include:

Improved posture, cardiovascular health, strengthen bones and muscles, improve mood, regulates sleep cycle, reduce risk of chronic diseases, and increased energy.

Stay safe while walking in snow and ice


1. Wear proper footwear. Avoid shoes or boots with smooth, leather or plastic soles. Instead opt for heavy treads with rubber soles for good traction. Crampons are very useful while walking on ice.
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Tue & Thu:
According to case load. Meg will accommodate urgent cases as necessary.


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