Welcome to Winnock Physiotherapy!

Winnock Physiotherapy is located in the Parkview Professional Center at 6 McFarlane St. Springhill and aims to provide the highest standard of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation services in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. We provide personalized treatment and programs to clients of all ages, offer evening hours to suit the working public, and accept Workers Compensation cases.

An experienced physiotherapist offers a wide range of services to assist restoration of maximum function and quality of life, putting people back to work or play! The client can be assured of complete respect; personal involvement in their program and strict confidentiality. The clinic provides high technology equipment; a quiet assessment room and a physiotherapy treatment and gym area to take the injured person from the acute and stressful stage progressively to a state of maximum fitness and wellness.




"We are now open and accepting clients in a beautiful new facility in Springhill"

Call Meg at 902-297-9279 for further information or assistance.


Things to expect on your first visit:

- Please allow an hour to an hour and a half for your first assessment.
- Smoke and Scent free building: no perfumes, colognes, and after-shave. Try to avoid any scented products.
- Unsupervised young children are not permitted in the clinic. Please note if you are receiving treatment, children are not able to be with you. This is for their safety and the safety and privacy of all clients.
- We require 24-hour notification of any cancellations unless of an emergency. There are answering services available on the weekends.
- When coming in for treatments, only the patient is permitted in the treatment areas. A parent or guardian may accompany minors.
- Please remove any outdoor footwear before entering treatment area or gym area. (you may bring indoor footwear to wear inside).
- Clothes to Wear: Whatever you are comfortable in, but it would be helpful to have shorts or loose fitting pants for foot & knee problems, and sleeveless tops for ladies with shoulder problems.
- In The Gym: Please bring sneakers or soft-soled shoes.