Our Work Conditioning programs are realistic, individual & really work

Program Outline

The injured worker will be thoroughly assessed for residual clinical problems and for functional ability. This will be followed by a job analysis including a work site visit if necessary. The subsequent problems and shortfalls will form the main part of the client's functional goals. The atmosphere is very supportive, positive, and optimistic and encourages maximum effort. There will be on-going progress monitoring with any changes in return to work status/ plan being available for the sponsor.


The following is an example and obviously clients who are able will advance more quickly.

Week 1-2: Continuing any specific manual treatment and exercises; add total body stretch & strengthening program; add general and injury specific prevention education; add cardio vascular exercises.

Week 3-4: Continue stretch program, education & C.V. exercises. Progress injury specific & total body Strengthening.

Week 5-6: Continue as for week 1-4, but with no specific t/t; progress total body strengthening; add work simulation activities.


The program is planned and carried out by a Physiotherapist and may include a Massage Therapist, or PTA.


There is a well-equipped gym area with the usual rehabilitation items including treadmill, recumbent cardiac/progressive bike, Isokinetic multi-exercises, HF-STAR chair (with computerized performance outputs), 'Total Gym', 'Back Strong', highmat/suspension therapy, free weights & more.


Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 2 - 8 pm

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday as necessary

Week 1-4 (2-2.5 hours) = $50.00/day
Week 5-6 (3 hours) = $60.00/day

Telephone: (902) 254-3736
Fax: (902) 254-3062